AKIM collection

Design: Guna Džeriņa

Simple and functional aesthetics in a natural design language. Collection's beautiful and humble shapes are created as a dialogue between potters hands and clay.

Dailrade Ceramics handmade black ceramic fruit bowl with red apples

Dailrade Ceramics handmade ceramic snack bowl set in sky blue, 3 pcs

Dailrade Ceramics 500 ml | 17 oz large ceramic mug in speckle beige matt glaze

Dailrade Ceramics handmade satin black ceramic cake or snack plate

The inspiration for making this collection sprouted whilst mushing pieces of clay together with my grandson Akim.  When making pots of different sizes and shapes, we would always find ourselves in a pleasant chatter- about the significant and the insignificant, about the daily events and the dreams, about the animals and the people, about the cars and the stars, in the essence- about the life as it is. And as the conversations are flowing, our fingers intertwine them in the clay eternally… I appreciate our generational differences, it is an indescribable connection that, despite our age difference, makes us equals and in a way even eternal. If I try to define it in words, it is the natural desire for humans to create, to shape something permanent with their own hands, obtaining gratification through the process and the results. To be productive and worthwhile is to be fulfilled.

CITY GARDEN collection

Design: Guna Džeriņa

The playful and colorful collection of mugs and bowls is a feast for your eyes. It is a celebration of joy and happiness in every line.

Dailrade Ceramics keramikas bļoda ar kaķi, pelēka
Dailrade Ceramics handmade ceramic mug with bird figurine in kelly green color
Dailrade Ceramics keramikas krūze ar putniņu, dzeltena

I suppose I prefer the atmosphere of the countryside more than the city scene. Having nature by my side is fundamental, it gives me power and a sense of true affiliation to this world. However, I cannot consistently hang about in the rural environment, every so often most of my work elapses back at the city studio. Though even then I manage to catch sight of nature – those are moments offered by life each day, we just need to pay close attention and cherish each of them! I have my own morning ritual - always taking a seat on the porch of my city studio to restfully sip my coffee… That is my shelter from the everyday noise, that is a moment of complete peace and quiet where the fruits of nature can be witnessed in the city garden – gentle sunlight playfully simmering in the teaspoon, a soft breeze kissing my forehead, a bird vigorously tweeting on a near branch, a careless cat snoozing in the sunshine, a ladybug that lands on the table out of the blue. Greetings, my fellow coffee break friends!

ONYX collection

Design: Guna Džeriņa

The clearness of the colour, the elegance of the shape, the thoroughness of the element. Stability in a straightforward as well as a lateral sense.

Dailrade Ceramics melns keramikas bļodu komplekts, 3 gab

For many years, stones have always caught my attention. I observe them everywhere – the seashore, the forest, the pathway. Something I treasure is going on long strolls alongside the river shores of “Amata” at my country house, and every single time some extraordinary stone finds its way with me back to my home. I am not even exaggerating when saying that stones actually communicate with me! They really do speak, each of them their own special story, yet I have to say, not all of them connect with me. But those that do, have me completely convinced.  Stones possess a powerful, to the eye invisible energy, that can only be seen through the special vision of the soul – sometimes they remind of a forgotten childhood memory, at times the peculiar is in the colour or the shape, and other times the stone has stumbled upon you as a sign from the future wishing to inform you. Once on a walk, I came across an exceptionally magnificent black stone, that struck a significant resemblance with the mysterious onyx gemstone. It is known that the black onyx possesses the powers of helping one to hear their inner voice, re-ground and repel the negative – I believe that my self-found “onyx” has the same properties, as well as this whole collection that has its unique story. Ground yourself.

HARMONY essential oil burner

Design: Guna Džeriņa

Sea pebble inspired harmonious shape as ideal for aroma therapy.

Dailrade Ceramics large black ceramic essential oil or wax melts burner
Dailrade Ceramics large speckle beige ceramic essential oil or wax melts burner
Dailrade Ceramics large dawn grey ceramic essential oil or wax melts burner

The inspiration for pottery creation lies within nature, personally, walks along the seashore are the dearest to my heart – they rejuvenate my mind and body, charging me with the needed energy for creation. Once, on a hike with a friend through the stunning wilderness of the rocky ‘Karosta’ beach, we spotted many stacks of balanced rocks – you have surely seen them somewhere, right?  It is not as simple as just kids fooling around with rocks – it is a blissful exercise of meditation for all ages. Some inner spirit is driving us to form a tower from rocks, to build it higher and higher… For the highest piles it is best to use flatter rocks, however, if a more rounded pebble gets in the middle, it can become an impressive challenge – balancing the contrasting pebble within the stack! Therefore, an aching desire to make my own rock tower overtook me, and not just only at that beach, but in the studio as well. That is how the collection came to life – in an examination of the human eagerness to always strive for the higher, for the greater, for the skies…, yet simultaneously remaining grounded in a search for complete harmony


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